Vintage Doorbell Installation

Vintage Doorbell With Chime Installation

This project was a unique one for me! The client lived in a vintage old home in German Village which is featured in the annual "House & Garden Tour" or in German "Haus und Garten Tour". The home even won the "Caretakers of a Legacy Chairman's Award" in 2011. What this meant to me was that mistakes of any kind were not going to acceptable because the house had original materials that needed to remain as such and could not be replaced or it would void the home from its status.

Graham, the client, had purchased a historical vintage doorbell and chime assembly to have installed in order to add to the vintage look of the house. Being a rather different and unique style of doorbell, there was no easy way of just replacing the current doorbell. In order to install this new item, I was going to have to drill a rather large hole through over a foot of original brick and mortar. I also needed to tap into a very old electrical system to run new wire and a new voltage regulator to operate the doorbell system, which was quite the challenge because older homes had basements with extremely low ceilings and crawlspaces. Despite being rather nervous, I went right to it, and after only a few hours everything worked great and the install was a great success! Graham was elated with the outcome and so was I. Here is what Graham had to say...

"Hire Weston without hesitation!"

"We were tired of an unreliable cheap looking white plastic wireless doorbell a previous owner had installed years ago, so I'm so glad we met Weston who hardwired a brand new vintage weathered bronze tasteful cast metal doorbell assembly and chime I provided (via eBay) for our 1920 home in German Village. Meticulously drilled through 8" of 2 solid bricks, then plaster and lathe. Hid the low voltage wiring behind door casing he removed and expertly reinstalled. All I had to do was re-caulk and touch up paint, which was my choice to save time and money with that.. The end result was we are extremely pleased and recommend him for any type of handyman job one could need. Weston is reliable, resourceful, and very hardworking. Reasonable money well-spent. Doorbell looks as though it was there for generations. Thanks, Weston!"

~ Graham S.

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    Jerry - February 14, 2019

    nice work Weston

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