Storage Shed Organization Ideas
Storage Shed Organization Ideas

6 Easy Tricks to organize Your Shed

A storage shed can be a very useful space when used appropriately. However, since it’s a space that is used for utility, homeowners often don’t give much thought as to how it is arranged. During the spring and summer months, yard tools are frequently hulled in and out to assist in landscaping projects. In the winter, you may have to scramble to find snow shovels and sleds, certainly not something anyone wants to do in a harsh winter.

The function of a storage shed is to keep the outdoor tools you need accessible. This problem is easily solved by a few organizing techniques to keep all your items in reach. By taking the time to create systems and properly store your objects, you can spend more time working on the task at hand.

Store Large Lawn Tools

1. Clean It Out

With any organization project, you’ll want to remove everything to start fresh. This goes for your shed as well. Toss any old items or trash to declutter your space. If there anything you haven’t used or your family has outgrown, now might be the time to donate or sell that item. Though removing everything from your shed might seem counterproductive, it’s better to see what you have to store before you create new systems for it.

2. Move It Out

When organizing your shed, it’s important to consider what you use it for and the climate you live in. Keep in mind, many sheds are there to protect your items from the elements, rarely are they insulated enough to protect against extreme cold or heat. If there is anything currently in your shed, such as paint or liquids, you’ll want to move those to a place that is more temperature controlled. Additionally, any pet food or paper is surly asking for a visit from any pests in the area. Move them inside the house where you can ensure their quality.

3. Organize For the Season

Now that you know what’s staying in your shed, you must consider when you use the items. You don’t want to move a stack of gardening tools just to get to the snow shovels you’ll need in the winter. If possible, dedicate one side of the shed to warm-weather specific equipment and the other to cold-weather equipment. This will alleviate any confusion on where items are and save yourself plenty of time when working.

Utilize Pegboards

4. Utilized Pegboards

Pegboards are a great tool that can be used almost anywhere in the home for organization. The same is true for your shed. For small tools, such as hand shovels and rakes, attach a pegboard to a wall and use various hooks and hangers to place hand tools and other items on. This gets them off the ground, out of the way and in a consistent spot that is easy to find.

5. Jars For Loose Items

Not only does it look great, but jars attached to the bottom end of shelving is the perfect way to store small or loose items. Never lose a nail or screw again! Simply pick a jar size you like, baby food jars work great here, and screw the lid to the bottom end of a shelf or cabinet. Unscrew the jar to add items. It’s as simple as that. You can utilize these anywhere loose items are present. Just make sure each jar has a specific purpose and not mixed in with other items.

PVC Pipe Storage

6. Keep Shovels Standing

Shovels, rakes and other landscaping tools can end up anywhere in the shed, but can be a hazard if you’re walking around. Without a proper place, these tools just thrown about can become an easy way for you or others to trip and fall. Not to mention, they become hard to find. But with so many awkward shapes, how can you fit them neatly?

One solution is to screw a standing pallet into the wall of your shed. Now, you’ve created vertical storage to easily keep items off the ground.

If you want to go a step further and separate your tools, you’ll need to get a bit more creative. One way is to utilize PVC pipe to make containers for your tools by attaching to two pieces of wood and hanging that from the wall. Another solution is to utilize a pegboard for your larger items as well, as they can hang from hooks similarly to smaller items.

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